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Wavy Lines

Defense is the Best Offence in
Cyber Security

NATIVESOC a technology from NativeDefence helps you stay ahead of
the threat, detect early, manage better and ultimately defend yourself
better. NATIVESOC helps you develop Cyber Resiliency like never before.

Stay ahead of the threat, Stay ahead in the Fight.

2 K

17 M+
Monitored Globally

18 K+
Network Sensors


"We are genuinely impressed with the caliber of work delivered by NATIVEDEFENCE. The SOC (NATIVESOC) you designed and deployed has not only fortified our organization's cybersecurity defenses but has also provided us with a sense of confidence and peace of mind.

Moreover, the ongoing support and maintenance services have been exemplary. NATIVEDEFENCE's responsiveness to our queries and proactive approach to addressing emerging threats have reinforced our confidence in the effectiveness of the SOC."

Ankan Bhowmick

(Alliance Broadband)

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