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A next-gen all-in-one on-prem & cloud security platgorm that has a SIEM, XDR, HIDS, FIM, VA and XOAR, in-built into a single, cohesive system. It provides end-to-end security analysis, intrusion detection, log data analysis, incident response, regulatory compliance, cloud and container security, and more. 
It combines data from Multiple sources and provides Endpoint detection & response (EDR), User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) and also does Network Traffic Analysis (NTA). A feature packed, Vendor Agnostic, Enterprise ready SOC Platform built with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and more importantly Human Intelligence.
NativeSOC  focuses on host-based intrusion detection, which means it analyses data from endpoints to identify potential threats and mitigates the Risk factor by giving an advance Reports .

Target Verticals for NativeSOC:


  • BFSI

  • Financial Services

  • Healthcare 

  • Manufacturing

  • Legal & Audit Firms

  • Education

  • Retail

  • Transportation

  • Credit Unions

  • Aviation

  • Auto Dealers

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