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Cyber Security Course

Master the Security Fundamentals Essential for Your Daily Online Activities.

Certified Cyber Security Pursuit: (Beginner Course-CCSP A)

​This course aims to provide individuals with a solid foundation in cybersecurity concepts and practices, enabling them to recognize and address potential security risks, protect computer systems and networks, and contribute to maintaining a secure digital environment.​

Certified Cyber Security Pioneers: (Intermediate –CCSP A+)

​Turning the Cyber Landscape with theory +Practical Labs

An intermediate cybersecurity course goes out there the basics and provides participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to attack more complex security challenges

Certified Cyber Security Pioneers: (Intermediate –CCSP A++)

Aim of a Certified Cyber Practitioner course is to prepare participants with the knowledge and skills needed to protect organizations and individuals from sophisticated cyber threats, strengthen their cybersecurity posture, and contribute to the field of cybersecurity through expertise and innovation


About Us:

Welcome to NATIVEDEFENCE, your trusted partner in the realm of cybersecurity. Originating from the vibrant city of Ahmedabad, NativeDefence stands at the forefront with a singular focus on providing cutting-edge cybersecurity courses.

Our Mission:

Cybersecurity Excellence

At NATIVEDEFENCE, our core mission is to fortify the nation's cybersecurity landscape. With a team boasting two decades of experience in the cybersecurity space, we bring a wealth of expertise to safeguard and defend against evolving digital threats.

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