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How it Works


Proactively detect malicious threat actors and vulnerability is the key to address new age impending attacks. Detection of the vulnerable areas of your assets combined with continuous security compliance checks helps understanding priority focus areas for the Security Team. NativeSOC's strategic approach using cutting-edge tools and the required co-relations through well set SOC analytical operations to quickly identify the cause of Cyber Attacks or the vulnerabilities that cause such attacks on your infrastructure.


With our vast & deep experience and strong co-relation capabilities, we assess and analyze if a traffic flow is genuine or an Cyber Attack. NativeSOC is fine tuned and integrated with relative threat intel and raises timely alerts. This helps our SOC analysts do a positive identification of an attack in the IT Infrastructure and produce timely alerts and reports. Cyber Attacking elements have a path and strategy. NativeSOC's proactive checks on "what can breach" to "what had breached" helps organisations stay ahead of any surprise or historical breach.


NativeSOC's ability of continuous Detection and Analytics help in getting a thorough "remedial action points" for the Security Team. The worldknow CVE vulnerabilities could be plugged in timely manner before any hacker gets a chance to exploit the pre-existing anomaly, or could explore weak configured Critical Servers. NativeSOC helps in achieving a continuous cycle of "identify-detectprevent" strategy and ensure the IT Infrastructure is hardened and the Security posture stays ahead of any impending attack.


Our timely services makes the NativeSOC solution all-embracing. "We know what to Monitor" is our mantra when it comes to configuring Security dashboard for eyes on screen monitoring by our SOC Analysts. With our vast experience in the Security domain and knowing the attack mindset of new-age threats, we first build a robust alert mechanism powered by well designed "dashboards" that makes monitoring easy, but Security & Compliance very strong.

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