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NATIVEDEFENCE: Empowering Cybersecurity Excellence

Welcome to NATIVEDEFENCE, your trusted partner in the realm of cybersecurity. Originating from the vibrant city of Ahmedabad, NATIVEDEFENCE stands at the forefront with a singular focus on providing cutting-edge cybersecurity courses.


Our Mission: Cybersecurity Excellence

At NATIVEDEFENCE, our core mission is to fortify the nation's cybersecurity landscape. With a team boasting two decades of experience in the cybersecurity space, we bring a wealth of expertise to safeguard and defend against evolving digital threats.


USP: Cutting-edge SOC Technology

What sets NATIVEDEFENCE apart is our commitment to innovation. Our in-house team has developed a state-of-the-art Security Operations Center (SOC), proudly made in India. Hosted on the cloud and equipped with both on-premise and online solutions, our SOC ensures a robust defense against cyber threats.

Faculty Excellence: Learn from the Best


NATIVEDEFENCE Academy is staffed with seasoned professionals, each bringing a wealth of real-world experience to the classroom. Our faculty includes gold medalists and industry experts, ensuring that every student receives top-tier education and practical insights.


Join us at NATIVEDEFENCE, where we not only educate but empower the next generation of cybersecurity defenders. Secure your future with NATIVEDEFENCE – your gateway to a resilient and secure digital world.


NATIVEDEFENCE Academy: Unparalleled Training

Experience cybersecurity education like never before at NATIVEDEFENCE Academy. We take pride in offering three distinct courses tailored to meet the dynamic challenges of the digital era.

  1. Certified Cyber Security Practitioner at NATIVEDEFENCE:


Dive into the realm of cybersecurity with NATIVEDEFENCE's Certified Cyber Security Practitioner module. Our cutting-edge EdTech solutions transform learning into a dynamic experience, providing hands-on training and real-world scenarios. Become a certified practitioner, backed by NATIVEDEFENCE's two decades of cybersecurity expertise, and step confidently into the world of digital defense.


  1. Certified Cyber Security Pioneers by NATIVEDEFENCE:


Forge new paths in cybersecurity with NATIVEDEFENCE's Certified Cyber Security Pioneers module. Our innovative EdTech platform enriches your learning journey, empowering you to explore advanced strategies and emerging technologies. Join a community of pioneers, guided by NATIVEDEFENCE's seasoned professionals, and position yourself at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation.

  1. Certified Cyber Security Pursuit with NATIVEDEFENCE EdTech:


Pursue excellence in cybersecurity through NATIVEDEFENCE's Certified Cyber Security Pursuit module. Our state-of-the-art EdTech solutions ensure a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. Covering foundational principles to advanced threat detection, this module equips you with the skills needed to excel. Choose NATIVEDEFENCE for EdTech-driven cybersecurity education and chart your path to success in the digital landscape.

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