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Vulnerability Assessment

Uncover vulnerabilities in your digital infrastructure proactively, beating potential attackers at their own game. Our comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment meticulously identifies weaknesses, empowering you to address and prioritize remediation effectively for enhanced security.

Penetration Testing

Our team of ethical hackers specializes in emulating real-world cyberattacks, rigorously testing the resilience of your systems. Through Penetration Testing, we reveal vulnerabilities that automated scans might overlook, guaranteeing the fortification of your defenses.

Scope Information Gathering Vulnerabilit

Goals & Objectives

Goal: To identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities in the target environment.

Objective: To improve the overall security posture, reduce risks, and prevent potential security breaches.


1. Scope:

Goal: Define the boundaries and limitations of the VAPT assessment.

Objective: Clearly outline what systems, applications, and networks will be tested, along with the specific goals and constraints.


2. Information Gathering:

Goal: Collect essential information about the target environment.

Objective: To understand the target's architecture, potential attack surface, and initial reconnaissance of assets.


3. Vulnerability Detection:

Goal: Identify security weaknesses, misconfigurations, and vulnerabilities.

Objective: Use automated scanning tools and manual testing to discover common and unique security issues.


4. Information Analysis and Planning:

Goal: Analyze the gathered information and plan the penetration testing.

Objective: To evaluate the potential risks and prioritize testing efforts.


5. Privilege Escalation:

Goal: Attempt to escalate privileges and gain deeper access to systems.

Objective: To explore the extent of potential breaches and assess the level of risk.


6. Result Analysis:

Goal: Analyze the outcomes and impact of the vulnerabilities identified.

Objective: Understand the significance and potential consequences of the security weaknesses.


7. Reporting:

Goal: Document and communicate the findings and recommendations.

Objective: Create a clear and actionable report for the organization's stakeholders.


8. Cleanup:

Goal: Ensure that no unintentional damage is done during the testing.

Objective: Clean up and restore any changes made during the penetration testing.

Industries We Safeguard:

NATIVEDEFENCE ensures the security of healthcare systems, safeguarding patient data and ensuring compliance with strict healthcare regulations. Trust us for the confidentiality of sensitive patient information.

Empower your financial institution with NATIVEDEFENCE's finance-focused VAPT services. Enhance the security of financial transactions and protect sensitive data from cyber threats.

Government agencies trust NATIVEDEFENCE as their comprehensive VAPT partner. We secure critical infrastructure and protect sensitive government data to ensure national security.

Trust NATIVEDEFENCE to secure your e-commerce platform. Our VAPT services form the foundation of online business security, safeguarding customer data and maintaining trust.

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